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    NUC dead after suspend mode


      Hello people,


      I made 2(!) dead NUCs during last year. Every time it happened after my NUC went to sleep (suspend mode).

      I was not able to switch it on with power button. Only ethernet LED was flashing.

      Now I have my 3th NUC (warranty exchange without any problem) but I would like to know if there is some hardware problem or bios issue...


      I searched Intel forum and I found this similar topics:


      NUC D54250WYKH not booting

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      D54250WYKH no power light after hibernate, Ubuntu 14.04, latest BIOS


      My NUC is D54250WYKH with Fedora Linux.

      Should I avoid to use suspend mode?

      Have you reports about this issue from other users? Will you solve it?




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          Yeah, this is something Im looking forward to hear from the Intel reps in here.


          What is the rootcause for the suspend killing the NUC and why doesnt the NUC reset itself when you disconnect it from power?

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            Hello Guys, I would like to share with you the results of my lab.


            This is my system configuration:

            • D54250WYK NUC
            • Ubuntu 14.04
            • Bios version 033

            Please check the picture below for the secondary power setting on BIOS on my NUC.


            BIOS settings 2.JPG


            I was able to boot to Ubuntu and then use the suspend mode. The NUC came back without problems.



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              Hello Sylvia,


              thanks for reading my post.

              I have been using my NUC every day and I woke it up and suspend every day during half year without any problem.

              My 1st NUC went dead after 6 months of every day working and 2nd NUC after 5 months. Every time it was after suspend command.

              I remember that in first case finally the blue LED was blinking but I was unable to wake it up by pressing power button. So I disconnected it from power line and after a while reconnected it back. But still unable to switch it on. No BIOS screen, no blue LED, only network LED was blinking.


              It looks as it happened quite randomly during ordinary usage.

              Now I have my 3th NUC and I fear to use suspend mode. But it's boring to boot every time I use my pc...


              Unfortunately I can't remember what exactly I set up in BIOS. I am sure I did NOT use overclocking. Mostly I used default settings. I thing (99%) I had the same settings in "secondary power settings" as in your picture.

              I use surge protection (Belkin SurgeMaster Maximum M823), HDMI monitor, USB keyboard and mouse connected via USB hub on LCD monitor, ethernet, SSD+magnetic HD.

              I always update BIOS to the newest version. My second NUC went dead with BIOS ver. 0033.



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                After seeing this post I see that I am not the only one with this problem.


                Two NUC D34010WYK died in the last 3 months and Intel is about to send me a third one. I am using Ubuntu.


                Edit: I managed to bring my NUC back to life by removing the CMOS battery for two minutes, as mentioned in this thread: Intel NUC D54250WYKH won't power on

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                  I also have this problem and I have seen it in all of the bios versions including version 35. I learned the hard way to never disconnect the power cable when it fails to power on by pressing the power button after suspend to ram. If you disconnect the power at this state, the only way to recover is to disassemble the unit and disconnect the backup battery for a while. Wake on lan works fine to recover even when the button is not responsive so that is what I use when it fails to power up normally by pressing the button.

                  I have only seen this issue with a non-responsive power button when the unit has suspended to ram but it happens perhaps 1 out of 30 times when I try to wake up the unit.

                  I'm running Arch linux with a 3.18 kernel.

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                    It's good to know that I can use to recover wake-on-lan function. Thanks.


                    I hope that Intel will take it more serious and solve this issue!

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                      I also suffered the same issue, as well as my friend.

                      We both purchased the NUC i5 (broadwell), and in both cases the NUC died after about 2-3 weeks of very normal usage.

                      The symptom was exactly the same as described here - NUC didn't respond to anything after being in suspend mode.

                      In my case I have contacted support and they have replaced my NUC, in my friend's case - he removed the BIOS battery and that did the trick.


                      Seems like this is not a new issue and happened few times in the past - so can we get an answer from Intel support here - was there any effort to fix this bug? Are you aware of this issue, and that's it seems to be not a one time issue, as seen in this thread?

                      I don't want to turn off my NUC every time, but putting it to sleep just feels like a ticking time bomb - it might get stuck every day...


                      Please - can we get official response from Intel representative here?



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                        This problem is well known,, including workarounds such as wake on lan. You can find a response from Intel here, Re: NUC5i7RYH did not wake from sleep mode -- recovered by please advise  In summary, it is stated that Intel does not test and validate Intel NUCs on Linux !

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                          At this point, we have tested these units and we don’t see any problems but I will escalate this issue for further investigation to our engineering department.

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                            Hi Linuxistas,


                            This is one of at least fourteen threads in this forum which address Intel's 'Linux Suspend > Dead NUC' intermittent defect, dating back to August 2014.


                            The good news is that a workaround exists which means you can at least avoid getting your NUC bricked by this defect, and it involves using methods other than a short press on the Power button to wake a sleeping NUC – ie: wake-on-USB and/or wake-on-LAN.


                            For full details, see the 'Workaround Alert' above the my OP in the 'NUC5i5RYH Bricked by Ubuntu Suspend for Fifth Time' thread » https://communities.intel.com/message/359708#359708

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                              Thank you Dalinian for taken the time to share this information with us, I hope this can benefit others.


                              Best regards,