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    Intel Edison: automatically export data from cloud


      Hello everyone,


      I'm a professional bachelor student in the electronics-ICT. I've got a fairly complicated project evolving the Intel Edison:

      1. Measure temperature, sound and light.
      2. Send the data to the IoT Analytics Cloud.
      3. Use a Zybo board with xillinux flashed to it.
      4. Fetch data from cloud using the Zybo and the possibility to send commands (Zybo = master, Intel Edison = slave).
      5. Connect the Zybo to EtherCat, A protocol used by Beckhoff PLCs.
      6. And lastly, run an OPC server to let other PLCs communicate with my slave.


      I've completed step 1 through 3. But I can't find a good method to export my data from the cloud. This must be real-time. I know I can manually export my data to a .csv, but that isn't a solution.


      Does anyone have advice for me?


      Thank you in advance.