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    Computer does not initializes with graphics card


      Hello everyone,


      I have a DH61WW board with i5-2320 (2nd generation), 8 GB RAM, W7-64bits. I installed the radeon r7 260X (with external power) and the computer does not inicializes and there is no video signal (monitor LED flashing). Removing the graphics card micro operates satisfactorily.

      My bios had an old version (v. 20) and updated to v. 35 (still a little old) thinking it might help but the same problem occurs.

      The graphics card has not been tested on another computer.

      Any tips? tks

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          Hello Alex, what is the wattage of the power supply you are using? I see some manufacturers recommend a minimum of 500W.

          If you decide to update the BIOS, please check the release notes first. This motherboard requires specific update steps and versions 41 and 99 are recommended before updating to a higher version.

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            Hello Joe,

            thanks for the feedback,

            I bought a Corsair CX430 but this graphics card consumes maximum 115w (90-115w) and my motherboard 95w.This computer has a DVD and an HD.

            But that's it.


            I do not practice with graphics cards so I'll explain how I can.

            The graphics card has different values of consumption and / or electrical power (w) as the request that is submitted.

            If it is not highly requested its power is lower and when it is highly requested their wattage to the maximum.

            So when I turn on my PC, the microprocessor scans the addresses of the peripherals and the system stop right now.

            Anyway, what I really mean: in this time the graphics card does not consume the minimum necessary?

            This makes sense for you and it's right in your experience or am I wrong? correct me please.


            As I said I did update the v20 to v35 (a little worried about Intel's recommendations). The v35 is below the 41 version (it will no longer be possible to downgrade the BIOS to version 0035). For this reason is that I was worried and did not update to the latest version.

            I just read the release notes of the v34:

            "Fixed issue where the video is displayed When Certain PCIe card is

            installed. "

            Well, the i5 2320 is 2nd. The latest version of the BIOS is as version 120 and logically includes younger generations. What's your advice (in addition to comment on the source) with respect to the update?

            again thank you

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              r7 260x.jpg 

              This is the correct link on the consumption of the graphics card I would like to show you.


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                Let’s assume 115 W for the graphics card. Only the Intel® processor has a TDP of 95 W. Now, let’s add motherboard, DVD, HDD, RAM, fans, and any other peripherals. I am pretty sure is more than those ~ 210 W.

                You may consider using a web based power supply calculator.

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                  Hello Joe, thanks for reply,


                  You're right, there are more than 210w (195 + 95). But the power supply (80 plus) is 430W and 220w would be left to motherboard, DVD, HDD, RAM, fans.


                  Before replacing the power supply the old power supply was 200w and generic power supply (which probably does not supply 200w).

                  And I never had any problems (same HD configuration, DVD, motherboard, etc.) with the power supply of 200w.


                  For this reason it is considered that the source of 430W would supply the total consumption.


                  But I'll try to do some more tests, perhaps turning off the DVD and even HD just to see if the machine setup starts.


                  I've made use of a web based power supply calculator before buying but I will redo.


                  Thank you for now,



                  considering motherboard, i5-2320, two 120mm fans, two ram modules, 1 DVD, 1 HDD 7200 rpm, with system load = 90% and 90% TDP.

                  Without calculating the graphics card.

                  I obtained this:

                  fonte cx430.JPG

                  and coincidentally are advertizing the same power suply that that we are commenting.


                  And including the graphics card - r7 260X:

                  fonte cx430 b.JPG

                  Well, this is in :  eXtreme Outer Vision - eXtreme tools for computer enthusiasts

                  I await your comments, Joe ...tks...

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                    This power supply appears to be good for the system; nevertheless, it is a good idea to test with only minimum components.

                    At this moment each one of these options may be of help:

                    • Update the motherboard BIOS. You do not necessarily have to update to the latest version but it is recommended to update incrementally as best practice (i.e.: 41, 44, 46, 99, 109, 113, 117, 120).
                    • Update graphics card’s firmware/VBIOS (if available from manufacturer).
                    • Test the graphics card in a different system.
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                      Thanks again Joe are great advice.


                      I'm trying a few days ago, perform 2 tests: test the graphics card in a different system and install another graphics card in the pci-e (which was never tested).


                      The bios update will not be immediately because I have to go carefully.


                      I'll give this question as answered (for now) and other problems appear I ask again, ok?

                      Good luck to you and hug,


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                        Hi Alex_Rico,


                        I have the same problem, could you finally solve it?