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    P4600 and after effects ... poor performance ?



      I have bought a HP Z1 G2 Workstation which contains a INTEL HD Graphics P4600 card.

      (64 bit - Windows 7 -  16 GB RAM).

      When I work in after effects, the performance is really slow, especially when creating a simple animation. Changing a keyframe and have the impact updated on the display takes seconds. Which makes the system basically impossible to do video editing work in after effects (which is why I have bought the system). When I do this on my laptop with a K4100, the animations is capable of following my keyframe updates promptly.


      Driver version updated to v10.18.14.4080 (date: 05/01/2015)


      At the startup it mentions something about GPU but I don't think that is relevant for Intel graphic cards, isn't it ?



      Thanks for any advice that can make my system usable for video editing work.