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    D865PERL orange light




      I picked my old computer and seems like the board is dead. Orange light keeps on. CDRW, CD units seem OK, they open and close. I don´t think it´s power supply. No "beep" when starting up, black screen.


      Any Ideas?



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          Hello txw,


          There are some troubleshooting steps you can try:


          1. Take the motherboard outside of the case to discard grounding issues.
          2. Try another power supply.
          3. If possible try another RAM memory.
          4. Another good step is testing another compatible processor on the motherboard.
          5. Try cleaning the dust on the hardware with a blower or something similar.
          6. Test another monitor or change the video cable.
          7. As much a possible use direct connection (no video adapters).


          Kevin m