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    Intel has abandoned edison (from an IoT community perspective)


      I'm not the type of person who tries to communicate with memes, but this is the internet, so what the hell:

      Let me start by saying, I know this isn't true. It just appears to be true from the casual "maker" looking on.


      Edison is very nice hardware however, the software reminds me of:


      car handle power meme.jpg


      We keep hearing about some new software for edison but it is all happening behind closed doors. What is going on over there? Why is it so secretive?


      What is going on in there.png


      Will we ever get Quark support? I2S support? Github repo? Official debian support? Keep guessing! We were promised beginning of the year. However we can't see what is going on at Intel, as we are all kept in the dark.

      intel edison PR.png

      Compared to other communities, this community seems rather like a ghost town. At least from intel's community involvement/direction.


      I know there are things happening on this community, but it feels like things are moving way too slow for the IoT world.