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    Drivers for Intel ICH7R with a 955x Windows 7 x64


      After a bit of searching I was getting close to what I think might be the right drivers/links, but I'm having a hard time meeting all of the following conditions


      1.  ICH7R (Intel 82801GH/GR)

      2.  Windows 7 x64 x32

      3.  955x


      This is for a Asus motherboard P5WD2 in AHCI (Sata) mode and two non-raid sata drives.


      I'm looking for the following:


      --Possibly the F6 drivers, although I may not need them

      --IMSM Intel Matrix Storage Manager or the newer Intel RST


      and I'm not sure of this one:  --IT8211 ATA RAID Controller driver