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    Hardware virtualisation

      Hi team,


      we want to build an Intel desktop that we can create windows server virtual machines.


      Could you please advise which Intel desktop board series/processor would allow us to do this by leveraging hardware virtualisation?


      Many thanks in advance,



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          Hello Sir,

            I am Milind,While installing MAC OS X Lion on VMWare Workstation i got the below Error,i send this error to the help line

          Question :- Mac OS X is not supported with software virtualization.
              To run Mac OS X you need a host on which VMware Workstation supports hardware virtualization.


          so.. they send me the below suggesion


          You seem to be trying to get MacOS to work in VMWare but it won't do it with software virtualization.
          That means you need hardware virtualization which is only available on certain CPUs,
          through Intel's VT-x or VT-d technologies, or AMD's AMD-V technology.
          Most newer CPUs like the Core i5 and i7 or AMD's FX, or Phenom II CPUs have support for hardware virtualization.
          If you are running something older like a Core 2 Duo though, you won't have hardware virtualization,
          and you'll have to upgrade in order to get it. If you do have a newer CPU that supports hardware virtualization,
          and it still isn't working, check your BIOS settings and make sure Intel VT-d or VT-x or AMD-V is enabled.

          so i send our CPU configuration  to him ....

          they replied me ..


          The Pentium D does not support hardware virtualization, so you're out of luck with that system.
          Without knowing more about your motherboard I can't really recommend a CPU upgrade,
          and not that many CPUs if any on LGA775 supported hardware virtualization.
          To do what you want you are going to have to get a new computer.



          so . If intel provide m eany tool which is installed and solved my problem, or give me solution for me......




                                                                                        Thanks and regards,
                                                                                         Milind bankhele..