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    Intel Graphic Driver Bug




      I have use mobo with G41 chipset with Windows 7 64 bit. I had installed latest Graphic driver version but I found bug on this driver. I had setting custom Brightness, Contrast, Gamma on Intel Graphic and Media Control Panel. After I have reboot the PC few times, sometimes the LCD screen would become too bright so I should open Intel Graphic and Media Control Panel then click the Cansel buttorn to make it back to my setting.


      This bug also happen to my laptop with Pentium B940 with Windows 7 that use earlier HD Graphic Driver but after I got update to new driver version it able to solved the problem.


      Could Intel release new Graphic driver for G41 chipset that able solved the problem ?








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          The graphics drivers for the G41 chipset which launched in 2007 are no longer being developed. The driver is the final driver for the G41 chipset. Have you verified the issue with the latest driver available from the manufacturer of your laptop? It is possible that the manufacturer has customized the driver specifically for you system, especially in areas such as power management, display brightness and backlighting etc.




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            I also ever tried use driver from the mobo manufacturer but it still got same problem. I think should add a graphic card to solved the problem.