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    Run 120/144hz via VGA or HDMI on an Intel HD 4000?


      Hi Guys, first of all i hope this is the right forum, if not my apologies.
      My Problem:
      Ive got a BenQ XL2411Z which basically is a simple FullHD 144hz monitor. My Problem is my Laptop (MSI GE60 0ND) only has an HDMI (1.4 i think) and a VGA plug for External Monitors (Definately no Display Port), but I obviously want to Run at most possible Hz with a decent resolution (1600x900 is fine for me). The Thing is that HDMI actually sucks pretty much and i cant even run 100hz at 1600x900, which is possible via. VGA actually. My Question now is, Is there any Kind of adapter (Like VGA to DVI or something like this) which allows me to run 120 or even 144 hz at 1600x900 or 1920x1080. Or Some kind of workaround that "unsucks" HDMI ^^?
      Huge apoligies for my broken english i hope its some kind of understandable, if not just ask.


      Thank you very much in advance,