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    Intel Edison - how to install additional linux packages?


      Hi, just got Edison and breakout boards, and got it up and running.


      Are there any package repositories to install additional packages, for example OpenVPN packages? Is there any package manager for Yocto Linux - like Ubuntu's apt-get ?

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          There are no official repositories, however AlexT created this: Index of /edison/repo, this repo has a lot of packages you might find helpful.

          To start installing packages from Alext's repo you need to append some lines to the base-feeds.conf file, you have to type the following lines:


          echo "src/gz all http://repo.opkg.net/edison/repo/all" >> /etc/opkg/base-feeds.conf
          echo "src/gz edison http://repo.opkg.net/edison/repo/edison" >> /etc/opkg/base-feeds.conf
          echo "src/gz core2-32 http://repo.opkg.net/edison/repo/core2-32" >> /etc/opkg/base-feeds.conf

          Once you've done this run the following command to update the list of packages available:


          opkg update


          To see the entire list of available packages run the following:


          opkg list


          And to install any package you enter:


          opkg install NAME OF PACKAGE


          If you wish more information about this repo, you can visit AlexT's Blog.



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