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    Game frozen due to visual card


      Hi my new labtop's visual adaptor is Intel HD family,  When I try to play resident evil 4 and heroes of might magic  6 on my labtop, the screen often got frozen(sound is okay, the game is still running fine, just the visual part is freeze)  Sometime when it happen, there is a small window pop up on the bottom saying my visual card is crashed. Is it because of my driver is too new? how should I fix this? Thanks.    Win8

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          Hello JunA, thanks for joining the graphics community.


          Would you please let me know if you are experiencing this behavior since you got the laptop?

          Which graphics version are you using?

          May I have the model number of your computer?


          Could you please attach the DX Diag report from your system?  (Start -> Run -> dxdiag -> Save All Information).