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    How to uninstall Ubilinux and then reinstall Yocto?


      Hello, I recently followed Sparkfun's getting started guide, and then I installed Ubilinux as detailed by their other guide. However, now I regret installing ubilinux, and want to go back to yocto. I would simply place the image files on the Edison drive, but it doesn't "appear" on my windows computer. So I went to my ubuntu computer, and it does appear, but with only 535.8 MB of space, not enough for the image.

      Is there a way I can uninstall Ubilinux? or another way to install yocto? I am a noob with edison, and with linux in general.


      Thank you.


      PS: If I didn't explain myself well enough, please just tell me. I am desperate and can't think correctly.