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    GMA 500 - Open GL support level


      I just bought an Acer Aspire 1 AO751 netbook with the Z520 processor and GMA 500 graphics.  What level of Open GL is supported by the GMA 500 + most recent driver?  It appears, as far as I can tell, that the driver does not support Open GL 2.0.  Is that correct?  Is there any Open GL support at all?





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          I think that the OpenGL 2.0 Api capabilities is supported by the Mesa graphics library.


          Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 900
          Complete support of broad range of operating systems and APIs including: Microsoft Windows* XP and Windows 2000, multiple Linux* OSs, DirectX* 9, Open GL* 1.4


          Otherwise, i dont have any further information on this, hope that someone else can help you on this one.


          All the best,



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            Thanks for the reply.  I'm not sure if Mesa would work or not.  Also, it seems to require the user to compile it from source, which is more heavy lifting than I was hoping for.


            I did find more info on this subject at http://software.intel.com/en-us/blogs/2008/10/22/where-can-you-find-a-mid/ .  The upshot: there is no OpenGL support in the drivers for the GMA 500, and apparently no commitment that there ever will be, even though the hardware is capable of it (and is advertised as supporting it).  If you are considering a system with GMA 500 graphics (US15W chipset), be aware there's no OpenGL.

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              You can try following drivers http://rapidshare.de/files/48426428/GMA500_XP_Build1309.7z.html from Tungsten Graphics. They use mesa libraries.

              This is 7z archive file.

              I bougt Asus 1101 netbook, it is similar to Aser 751.

              How to install

              1. Run utilites\setup.exe. There willl be error ocuurs. Don't worry.

              2. Goto Control Panel-> System->Hardware Tab->Device Manager->Display Adapter.->Intel GMA 500

              3. Choose "update driver", next choose "no, do not connect", next "Install from a list of specific locations", next "Dont searh, I choose manually"

              4. Then click "have disk" and choose iegd.inf from \Driver directory in downloaded archive

              5. Install driver and restart Windows

              6. Next run again utilites\setup.exe and install driver suceessfully. Next restart and enjoy.


              Comments. This is not Intel IEGD driver, this is compiled from IEGD. I have obtained faster playing  of HD video and Quake II OpenGL fullscreen support.

              But some games not run correctly as with Intel Drivers.

              And may be you can succesfully instal first time and no need to do all steps above.


              I HOPE very much that Intel will make correct fully functional XP driver for GMA500 anyway. Current release is very poor stuff.

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                I compiled latest Mesa 7.5 libries, please see this


                Just copy in windows\system32 and replace original files in safe mode, because Windows prevent replacing system files.

                And you'll obtain OpenGL 2.0. But is is not fuly working still.

                PLEASE NOTE: Backup your old windows files so can restore if needs.

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                  James Smit

                  Hi All


                  Having a similar issue, please assist.

                  I need to get OpenGL 1.2 installed to get JabberVideo working.


                  Sony Laptop : Sony VAIO VPCX127LG

                  Display : Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 500 (supports OpenGL 2.0)

                  Driver Version :

                  DirectX : 11.0

                  Jabber : v4.4

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                    Adriana Perez

                    I tried the Mesa drivers and they worked for me but terribly slooow. So what I was trying to play was unplayable. I have an integrated chipset so no upgrade for me. http://www.rematedejuguetes.com

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                      I've posted a good bit of information regarding both the GMA 500 and 600 GPUs and Intel's claims for those platforms at the thread for: GMA600 - Windows 8 driver.


                      Looks like it's time for some shouting at the gates at Intel.  The support of these and other Atom GPU series is unacceptable and should be taken from the division currently in charge and given to a group who can and will get things done.