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    Intel NUC D54250WYK2 - Sound problem with hdmi




      I have a NUC 4250, and I've had it for a few days now.


      I use HDMI for picture and sound.


      There is nothing wrong with the picture, but the sound stops and starts with about 2-minute intervals.


      The setup is running Windows 7, after installation there is no sound problems, but after windows update has run a couple of times, then the problem starts again. (I thing this is where the problem is)


      I have reinstalled windows 7, 3 times now.


      I install the latest driver after installing windows 7



      What should I do to get the sound to work properly?


      I am using and trying the following:

      MP3 - Youtube - Play video in VLC - Play video in kodi // all these have the problem!