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    Disk Read Error - Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete, possible WiFi Driver issue?


      Bought a brand new N2820FYKH0 (H22962-104), flashed it to the new BIOS, installed Windows 7 64bit, a few issues regarding BSOD, but we got there in the end.


      I then grabbed the latest Intel Drivers, chipset installed fine, along with the graphics, ethernet etc. I restarted between all driver installs, no problems. I then installed the latest Wifi Driver, system restarted and I was presented with the Disk Read Error - Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete message. Tried several things to resolve the problem, ran chkdsk, repaired Windows, even a system restore in a vague attempt to get Windows loading again. I then removed the SSD, and put it back again (after seeing this had worked for some) - no joy.


      I resorted to re-installing Windows, remembering this error only happened for me after I installed the Wifi Drivers. This time the system has been stable for 24 hours, with many restarts and no problems, but I HAVEN'T installed the Wifi Drivers this time.


      Coincidence? Anyone else had the same scenario? I know the Disk Read Error is quite common, but I haven't found a mention of it being related to the Wifi Driver install.