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    DN2820FYKH need help asap


      Hey guys I'm at my wits end here with my dn2820fykh. purchased it brand new.


      when I start the box I get the power light but nothing happens, no blinking just a solid light and no video. I have tried 5 different TVs and monitors. with absolutely no response from any of them.


      currently I have tried two different ram sticks one was a Samsung 4 gig 1.35v 1666mhz and a no a kingston 4 gig 1.35v 1333mhz stick. I also have a kingston 60gig ssd installed.

      I have tried to take the ram and ssd out to see if I could get the power light to warn me that there was no ram in it, which it still had the solid light no blinks.

      Can someone direct me in the right path?