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    NUC DN2820 FYKH in combination with a Philips TV


      I use the NUC DN2820FYKH in combination with a PhilipsTV and a harmony touch RC.


      The IR signal for on/off  for both the Philips TV and  the nuc is  the same.

      So when I turn on my TV the NUC goes on as well,  even if I don't want it.


      When I Listen to music and want to turn off the TV the Nuc goes off as well !  Very annoying!


      What can be done about this? And I do want to use a remote control  so  turn of IR  on the NUC (if possible)  is not a solution!


      Who can Help?   Did Intel not check their IR receiver?  Philips TV's do exist for a while :.)