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    Dell Latitude E6440 + Dell dock station + 2 external monitors issue


      HI! We have bough Dell Latitude E6440 + pr03x dell docking station. We bought 2 Samsung S24D590L monitors with HDMI and VGA input. Docking station has only 1 DVI port.

      One monitor connected to docking station using DVI - to HDMI cable - it works fine!

      Second monitor is connected directly to laptop's HDMI input - and it doesn't work. Monitor turns off/on each 2-20 seconds randomly. 

      If I remove laptop from docking station and leave only 1 monitor connected to HDMI it works perfect.

      I've tried different cables and monitors - problem still exist.

      I tried different graphic card drivers for both Intel and AMD cards - no result.

      How can I solve this issue?