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    Intel SD Host Controller performance?


      I have a HP Stream 7 which has a Atom Baytrail platform Z3000. Currently many of us are facing a lot of problems regarding this tablet, specifically, wifi/bluetooth and audio performance. However I'm here today just to ask regarding the wifi in our devices. As I understand it, the wifi chip in the Stream 7 is using the SDIO interface (Realtek 8723BS), so it should be connected to the Intel SD Host Controller, since there is more than one of the controller in the device manager, so it's not just the card reader. I would like to ask if the dreadful performance that we experience with wifi can be affected by a bad implementation of your host controller? Or is it the performance of the said host controller isn't really that great to begin with as it is a budget device. We are trying to get to the root of the problem so that our devices can be usable. Not asking for world class performance from a 100$ tablet, but I would like to leisurely use it without headaches. ( I understand that wifi drops has nothing to do with the host controller, therefore I am only asking regarding performance, as in network speed)


      Might I also ask whether is it possible to fix any audio noise related issues with driver updates for your Intel SST Audio? As I understand it, the problem is that the Stream 7 has just bad engineering where there is no proper shielding/grounding for the audio jack, but I would like to ask just in case it is possible.


      Thank you for your replies.

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          I suggest contacting the manufacturer of your system for the driver update.  We have seen many cases when Tablet PCs will require specific drivers that are created by the manufacturer of the system itself.


          We do not currently provide drivers for tablet products, and the policy is that users are to obtain drivers for their tablets directly at HP Support, Drivers, Contact and Help Forums | HP® Support



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            I am not asking for drivers, I am asking for answers. HP is being non-responsive towards our efforts to get decent support for our tablet. Therefore I am asking you guys directly whether is it something that can be fixed through driver updates or whether its a hardware implementation problem. If it can be fixed via driver updates, I will go back to pursuing HP, since with support from Intel who made the platform, maybe they will wake up and do something. If it isn't possible, then I guess it's time to give up and just live with whatever issue we have with this tablet, and just not buy anything from HP anymore, considering their customer support is non-existent.

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              Tablet PC manufacturers can change or altered any driver according to their system designs. The drivers available for download in our website may differ from those provided by the hardware manufacturers.


              Intel recommends that you keep using the drivers provided by the tablet PC

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