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    No RAID volumes are present


      My 3 day old BYO computer with Vista 64, EX58-UD4P gigabyte motherboard w/ Intel ICH10R chipset, and two 500gb SATA drives configured for RAID 1  is now showing when hovering over the taskbar icon "a volume initialization is in progress" for 20 mins or so, and in the Intel Matrix Storage Console that "All hard drives are OK", and "The system is functioning normally. No RAID volumes are present". Any insight into what this all means for my RAID 1 volume would be appreciated.

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          I'm experiencing this as well. Seemed to have started after I did a hard reboot by holding the power key down. I have a brand new HP Pavillion e9180t.


          Also, the Storage Manager says that there are no RAID volumes present, while the boot utility correctly says that there are. Here is screenshot of the Storage Manager:

          matrix screen shot.jpg

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            Dude that should not be a problem at all

                      As the above person has said, just reboot your desktop and try to play some online streaming songs for free from sites like http://topmp3.info and you will know if your PC is restored to normal state or not

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              Ok...I had the SAME exact problem along with CTC and DLYALL...to "solve" it, this is what I did....

              I went to a friend's house and came back home 2 hours later.  Now, I don't know how it fixed itself, but I came home and my computer displayed "Data Protection Activated" in a small box on the bottom right of the monitor (next to the volume).

              Then, under Intel Matrix Storage Manager, it displayed from top of page to bottom:




                 "Port 2                                 Port 3

              ....as shown below...


              Suddenly, I remembered that my computer displayed this everytime I've ever started it. I don't know how it happened, but its works for now...