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    DQ77MK WOL from S5



      I am attempting to get the Intel DQ77MK motherboard with Bios version 68 to boot remotely (using Enviprot auto shutdown manager). I believe I have the adapter settings correct in Windows, but it looks like specifically enabling "Wake system from S5" in the BIOS reveals RTC related settings. Is this an indication that the only way the DQ77MK can wake from S5 state is by RTC and using magic packets will not be supported? Any help is appreciated.




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          Wake system from S5 reveals RTC settings, that is correct. Also, magic packet are supported by S5. See the URL below for more specifications:





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            Hi, thank you for your assistance. I am now able to do the following with the DQ77MK: Remotely shutdown the machine(via client software connected to a server), remotely wake the machine after entering S5 state. I am even able to wake the machine after it has been shutdown by Windows (user clicks shutdown). However if the user shuts down the machine, it takes several minutes for the DQ77MK machine to turn on, versus immediately responding when it has been shut down via client software. Oddly this difference in response is not present with our Asus boards, running the same software. Any help is appreciated as always.