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    Intel DX79SI and NVIDIA GT610 2GB POST error 51


      I have an Intel DX79SI motherboard and I have an old GT610 2GB NVIDIA card (I bought that card around 2.5 years ago) which is working just fine. A few weeks ago I decided to get 2 more monitors and use another card just like that one.

      I'm really happy with it. Completely silent, low price, it had the enough power to do what I need. So I decided to buy a new one!


      Got one from Amazon, same model, same manufacturer (ASUS NVIDIA GT610 2GB). I unplugged my old card (just to try the new one), plugged in the card in the first PCIe slot (the closest to the CPU, the primary one) and booted my machine, but if failed.

      I had a look at the little LED screen (2 digits) that's on the motherboard, and it was stuck on "51". So I had a look at the manual and I saw that the error means some kind of error while enumerating PCI devices.


      I thought the card was defective, so I returned it to Amazon and got a new one. But I got the same result! Then I thought that maybe I had really bad luck and that the second card was also broken, so I returned it and got a third one. This one still doesn't work, and still shows the same error.


      At this point it's completely clear that it's not because of a defective/broken card. The problem is my motherboard.


      What can I do?



      PS: My BIOS is updated to the very last version. (which is from 08/2014)