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    Intel 520 performance drop with old data



      I recently ran HD Tach on my 520 60 GB ssd, as I have issues regarding performance with a ssd from another manufacturer.

      Here is the result:

      Bench 2.png

      The microcode is up to date, 400i, intel ssd optimisation done before the test, system is optimised (system tuner).

      The ssd is my system drive and the windows installation is about 1 year old, and it has about 10GB of free space.


      Now I don't think this is the result I should be expecting from the ssd as it is advertised with 550 MB/s Sequential Read and 475 MB/s Sequential Write. Now I suspect that the "middle and end part" is probably more recent data and the rest is my windows installation. I could be wrong of course.

      Any explanation/reaction ?


      Regards, and hopefully there is a fix.