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    What actually starts the default Edison web server


      So by now most of us know (or can find on this forum) that it is edison-config-server.js that starts the default Edison web server with the config screens. I want to replace this, but rather than commenting out the final line of  edison-config-server.js, I want to stop it ever being run. What starts this at boot? I can't find it through any of the usual sources (like crontab) so I must be missing something obvious. Would be neater to comment out whatever originally calls it than to stop it after it has started or to let node bash through setting everything up before stopping it at the final hurdle.


      I realise that I could do something like rename edison-config-server.js and then monitor logs to see where the "can't find it" error message comes from, but I was hoping someone from Intel just knows and could tell us