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    Windows 10 Build 9926 GPU Drivers


      I would like to know when we can get a working GPU driver for Windows 10 Build 9926 for Intel HD Graphics card on my HP Elitebook 850 laptop?


      // Lars

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          Hi Lars


          Currently we are not posting beta drivers for the Windows 10 Preview. However the preview does have drivers bundled with it to evaluate Windows 10 on your system. As the launch for Windows 10 gets closer, we may post a beta driver for additional evaluation. We will post a production driver at Windows 10 launch.




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            Hi Robert,

            And you are well aware that the drivers that comes with Windows tech preview build 9926 does this:
            It loads but keeps crashing?


            // Lars

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              A driver update was released  a few days ago for Surface Pro 3 users running Windows 10, which has HD Graphics 4200/4400/5000. Why aren't these drivers available for people without a Surface Pro 3 with people with HD Graphics on Windows 10? Surely Intel cooperated with Microsoft to push out these drivers? Why don't other laptop users get the same support?

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                On my HP EliteBook G1 840 (HD 4400), Windows 10 TP 9926 is showing "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter" and not loading up any Intel HD Graphics Family drivers.

                No matter how many times (or how many versions) of the Intel HD drivers I try to install, Windows 10 isn't linking them to the hardware.


                Any idea why?    


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                  I got Windows 10 build 9926 yesterday, and while initially it had graphics glitches, I uninstalled the drivers through device manager. Upon rebooting, the graphical glitches went it turns out Microsoft had updated me to a much older version of the HD Graphics drivers. I downloaded the latest drivers (ending in 4080) from this post and rebooted, and they work like a charm. It seems other people also have issues even with that though, and some people have had success installing the drivers linked in this forum post on Neowin - do this if the official drivers don't work for you.

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                    You rock, InconspicuousDuck!  The first link did not work for me, but the second link from Neowin actually did work.  It's the only driver of the 5-8 different versions I've tried that "took" in my Win10 environment on my laptop. THANK YOU.  Now "sleep mode" is back in my menu, which is why I wanted the driver to be recognized in the first place.



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                      These drivers I downloaded solved one problem (being recognized) but created another:  The modern music and video apps now play back video and music horribly - huge stuttering and miscellaneous buzzing as if playing back A/V uses 100% of the CPU.  Hmmm.....

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                        That's interesting - I'm not really in a position to be able to comment on that, since my laptop uses the IDT audio drivers, and not the Intel ones. It might be worth checking if your computer uses different software such as IDT, Realtek etc. If not, you can try uninstalling the "Intel(R) Display Audio" driver in Device Manager (do Windows + R, then devmgmt.msc). Reboot the computer, hopefully Windows will be able to use the old display audio driver, so you have a working combination of the new graphics drivers and the old, working audio drivers.


                        Does your computer on build 9926 have the latest updates by the way? I believe the new drivers started working for me after the few updates released after the release of this build to address some issues, especially graphics ones. 

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                          Actually, this may be my mistake, as my laptop also uses IDT High Definition Audio Codec as well.  I presumed it was the Intel driver because as the video driver was installing, I could have sworn I saw the IDT audio driver being installed at the same time (?).  I presumed for some reason that the two were linked.  I wonder what I can/should do now?  Also, Windows Media Player says there is a problem with my audio device.


                          Is your modern video player experiencing any choppy playback?


                          I've been using Windows Update for build 9926.... presuming that WU would provided me the latest updates.



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                            I assume you're using a HP laptop, then? It took a while and multiple attempts to get the IDT drivers working for me. I know what you're decribing -the Intel drivers install a device in device manager called "Intel Display Audio" (go to Device Manager, then "Sound, video and game controllers" and it should be there), and some other devices with speaker icons during installation of the graphics drivers. While these drivers worked, the audio was really high pitched and I noticed they didn't take advantage of the other speakers and subwoofers on my HP Envy notebook. After installing the IDT Drivers, I rebooted. The sound was kinda buggy (occasionally playing through both the headphones and the speakers) so I right clicked on the speaker icon in the taskbar, clicked "Playback devices" and set "Speakers/HP" as the default. While you're at it, I'd also recommend going to the "Recording" tab and setting the internal microphone as default or else the speakers will stop working when you set it as default again. The speakers are now unlikely to work, so reboot, and they should work fine.


                            If later, the microphone is too dim, in the same "Recording" tab you should right click on the internal microphone and go to properties, and then into the "Levels" tab, and take the "microphone boost" to 10db. Then turn the "microphone array" somewhere around 75. Then reboot, because your speakers may stop working again, or the changes may not take effect until after the reboot.


                            This worked for me, and now my microphone, earphones, speakers (all 4 of them and the 2 subwoofers) and graphics now work perfectly. Hope it works for you, and let me know if there's any issues.

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                              Thanks for the info, ID! You really do a great job communicating, and I really appreciate it. 


                              I tried your suggestions, unfortunately, to no avail. I recalled it not being stutter-y before I did the Intel video drive upgrade, so what I did was "revert to prior drivers" under the Audio Devices section in Device Manager, and it actually ended up working!  No more stuttering audio in the Modern Music player.  Interesting.  I suppose IDT is not Intel-based?  I would have assumed it was since my audio problems seemed to coincide with the successful identification of my Intel HD video system.

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                                Great, glad it worked!

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                                  New Intel drivers has just been released on WU for Windows 10 build 9926, and they work !!



                                  // Lars

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                                    The drivers on WU broke Metro/Modern apps for me, and took a long process to get working again.

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