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    BIOS loading too Slow | Screen Lagged at `Starting Windows`


      Some Times BIOS taking too long to load.


      It is just stoping at INTEL welcome Screen. and after a 5 min wait, it is showing PRESS f2 to  go to BIOS.

      even after entering it (to BIOS).. it (screen) is loading from TOP to BOTTOM, like a old-class machine.

      After i Set the options and go forward to reinstall my Windows. it is stopped again at STARTING WINDOWS screen for 5 min. and again at Selecting Drive to Install and again stopeed permanently at Installation Process (at ZERO percent)


      Any Solution, Please! ? or what would be the problem exactly ?

      Mother Board: INTEL DH 67 CL M.B.

      Intel Core I5 2400 3.10 GHZ


      WD 500GB HDD

      A DVD Writer

      No External Drivers/Netword Connected