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    D54250WYK 3D Playback Issues




      I have been using my NUC as an HTPC for months but have not had any luck playing 3D content. The NUC does not seem to output a 3D signal or send a 3D signal to my television to tell it to switch into 3D mode. I have tested multiple files and multiple formats including ISOs, MKV (AVC only and MVC/AVC) and tried using various applications including: XBMC, PowerDVD, and Arcsoft TMT6. I have also tried these files on multiple televisions including various Samsung displays (4K UHD, LED), Pansonic plasma TVs, and Vizio TVs. My drivers and BIOS have been updated and I have looked into various settings but nothing has worked so far. I am extremely frustrated that I am not able to playback 3D content on my NUC as that is one of the features that is advertised and supported. I would be extremely grateful if someone could help me resolve this issue. Thanks in advance.