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    intel HD graphics 3000 driver update


      i have lenovo g570 running win7 with intel hd 3000 (version, i updated the driver to version via intel driver updater tool but when the reboot finished it was still in the old version. how can i fix it?

      i'm adding my laptop specs if needed.

      thank you!

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          Hello Alonl, thanks for joining the graphics community.


          I would like to inform you that the system is not able to update the driver since it looks like it already has the latest version available installed.


          In our site the driver version is the latest version available for the HD3000, however this is the generic driver. That is the reason why the beginning of the version is different.


          Usually OEM systems do not allow the installation of our drivers since they are generic. OEMs make a lot of customizations to the drivers and the installation of Intel’s drivers could overwrite those customizations. Therefore it will affect your system.


          I would recommend you to check with Lenovo if they have a newer driver.

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            If you really want to try the Intel driver, download the *.zip file instead of the *.exe file and intall the driver via device manager. Nothing prevents you from going back to the lenovo version of the driver if you don't like the Intel driver.

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              thank you for the help, i'll check with lenovo then.