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    MRAA stopped working

    Frederick Blais

      In the past few weeks I used lib mraa a lot with Python. To get simple visual feed back, I like to turn ON/OFF the on-board LED on pin 13.


      For some reason, that stopped working, I'm not able to get the pin high anymore. I suspect that my entire mraa is not working because I'm not able to get ADC working anymore too :

      ValueError: Invalid AIO pin specified - do you have an ADC?

      In the Python interpreter, when I try to put the pin in Output mode, I have this :

      >>> x.dir(mraa.DIR_OUT)


      >>> x.write(1)



      As far as I know, I received a 1 in the past. Can someone confirm this?


      I tried to get mraa to work with C but no luck either.

      I tried to re-install mraa. The installation went fine. It is not working either.


      someone have an advice on what I should do to get that going on again?

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