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    Intel 4000 Graphics issue (maybe)


      Hi there - newbie here...


      I have a HP 4540s laptop with Intel 4000 Graphics - the other day after logging on - Windows was loading - at the time when the desktop would appear the screen went 'dark gray'  - the mouse is visible and functional - just nothing there to click on...weird ....


      Tried running some system diagnostics but that didn't change anything - I can get into and see the task manager - rebooting does nothing  - but it DOES flash the desktop before shutting down..... tried poking around for any clues - not being overly technical I didn't venture into anything I don't really understand.


      The external video port displayed the same thing - dark screen - put in sleep mode overnight - today it's back on.


      I noticed the refresh rate is at 40  - I thought most computers are in the 60 range - the check box that says "hide modes this monitor cannot display" is unchecked -

      it's also grayed out - can't check it - I also understand this may be a "backlight converter" problem (?) 


      Any clues would be helpful....thanks