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    AC-3160 connection loss randomly


      I bought a new laptop (MSI GE60 2PE) few months ago, and ever since, I have a problem with wireless connection. Whether I'm playing or browsing internet or just streaming music I randomly lose connection. Some days it doesn't happen, sometimes it happens few times a day. It's still connected to WiFi, but there's no internet connection. The only thing I can do to solve restore my connecion is restarting my laptop or disabling->enabling Intel(R) Dual Bang Wireless-AC 3160 in Device Manager.


      I also experience problem with no wifi networks visible when waking up or when I start my laptop, after it had no power supply for at least a second (removed battery and power cord disconnected).


      I've tried googling any solutions but nothing seems to work in my case. I'm mainly interested in solving random disconnection issue.

      System information included in attachment,

      I have installed various driver versions through this few months but nothing has changed.


      thanks in advance 

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          Hello Zibi,


          Did this adapter come installed in your computer or was it installed after you bought your computer?

          Does this issue happen to any network you connect your computer to?

          What is the version of drivers you have?

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            It came with my laptop. but I've installed drivers first from MSI website, then newer ones from Intel. I've had some problems with latest driver so I downgraded it back to


            I think I remember this issue repeating in my University netowork, but lately I just use it at home. It doesn't occur on any other devices within my home network though,

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              Hello Zibi,


              Since the adapter came installed with the laptop, It is highly recommended that you get the drivers from your computer manufacturer. Please access this link as it might help you to improve your connectivity.

              Intel® Wi-Fi Products — Quick Checks That Might Improve or Fix Connection Issues  Please let us know if this helped you.

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                Thank you.

                I've set wifi channel to fixed one, instead of auto. Hopefully it'll work. Just one more question: could backwards compatibility be an issue here? My router works on bgn-mixed because some devices at home don't support 'n'. 

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                  The Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 3160 should be backward compatible, however, compatibility issues are always a possibility.

                  You may try to disable the following: N mode, VHT and the U-APSD in the advanced property of the driver. Make sure your router is running the latest firmware update.

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                    So far there have been no problems, since I switched to fixed WiFi channel.


                    Thanks again for all your help

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                      It is a pleasure have assisted you with this. Anything else let us know.

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                        Well you are lucky , this adapter is the worst radio Intel has ever come out with. I own a MSI GP60 as well and this card is just junk, My MSI GE70 with atheros has worked over a year flawlessly with not one connection drop.


                        You can't go more than 12 feet from the router, I have dozens of other devices that do not lose network connectivity either, the drivers for this card a junk as well.


                        Come on Intel this isn't giving me any faith.

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                          Windows 10 update:

                          After upgrading to Windows 10 I've had a multitude of disconnects again. Unfortunately any driver update doesn't solve the issue. Random connection fails happens especially when playing games. Below is an output from diagnostic script while playing Dialbo 3. (This happens every few minutes with Diablo3 running and a bit less often with other games. Curious, huh?)


                          while [ 0 -le 1 ] ; do ping google.pl -n 10; sleep 2; done


                          CRAPPY BUT WORKING FIX:

                          Apparently AC3160 has a problem with 802.11n networks. Easiest fix is not using it

                          I set my router to "802.11g" mode only.

                          In Device Manager -> Intel AC 3160 -> Properties -> Advanced -> Wireless Mode I changed 802.11a/b/g to 802.11g.

                          Far from perfect, but it seems to work.

                          It also reduces possible Download speed to ~20Mbps, which given my 150Mbps network is a terrible waste.

                          Another fix would be buying a different WiFi adapter and not using AC3160.

                          I have to admit this is a huge disappointment. There are a lot of people who still suffer from having AC 3160 in their laptops, and there seems to be no official solution, nor a valid driver update. Suggestion from a year ago improved the performance but didn't completely fix the issue. I just decided to live with it, until Win10 reintroduced me to hell.


                          Hope it helps anyone who stumbles here during such torment.