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    Introducing "edison" - a Node.js CLI to automate basic Intel Edison tasks


      Hello Community,


      I have released a new Node.js CLI tool for Intel Edison called "edison." I am looking for suggestions and contributors on how to update it and make it even better.


      The problem:

      • configure_edison comes with the Intel Edison image and can't be updated without flashing your Edison
      • When issues are discovered with configure_edison, fixes can't be deployed OTA / in real time


      The solution:

      • Create  a Node.js CLI utility (using Commander.js) which can be downloaded, updated and installed via NPM
      • This same solution can be used to automatically update and configure edison as well as perform basic tasks like making LEDs blink


      Right now wifi, blink, updating libMRAA and weather are enabled. I would like to extend it further in the future to add more functionality and automate more basic common tasks.


      If you have any immediate suggestions, feel free to open them on the GitHub: mashery/edison · GitHub


      Thanks, Rex