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    hd4600 Display Port flickering



      I have just bought an HP Z230T tower with HD4600 graphics. 1 x DVI and 2 X DP.

      The unit box has  Intel i7-4770 @ 3.4 GHz\ 500 Gb SSD\ 1Tb HDD\ 32GB RAM  and a Win 8 downgrade to Win7  professional


      I have three 24" monitors 1x Samsung 2494HS and 3 x ilyama E2482HS, which I would like to be able to use. alas all are DVI\HDMI\VGA. so am some what stumped.

      Using two with 1 x HDMI and other via DP > HDMI active adapter, I find that the HDMI is breaking up and going blank continually.

      Any-one got any ideas?


      I know DP monitors would be best but I do not Game and use only for business. Anyway it might be cheaper to get 2 x dual port graphics cards than buy new monitors.


      would appreciate anyone's input before buy other graphics cards :-/


      Diolch yn fawr