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    intel hd 4400 driver keep stopped responding and cause BSOD


      Hello communities,


      I recently bought intel i3 4130 and everything went well until i installed the graphics driver (version:
      The driver keep stopped responding and caused BSOD. (see: Untitled.png)
      And when i open firefox browser the screen shows little black strip (see: Untitled2.png)
      But as long as i don't open a program that using directx, the driver works fine.

      And also i found the driver installed in "Program Files (x86)\Intel Processor Graphics" not in "Program Files".


      My question is : Is this hardware faulty or driver issue ? If that hardware faulty, i want to RMA as soon as possible or if that driver issue, how to fix it?


      Thanks You.


      Best regards,



      My spec:
      Intel i3 4130
      Asrock H81M-DGS r2.0
      Venom-rx 2gb ddr3 1333 ram

      Win 8.1 x64