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    Sanity check, can I run teamviewer on vncserver?


      Hi All

      Thanks to the wonderful ubilinux I have been able to make great progress on my newly acquired edison.

      I have successfully installed vncserver on it but now I was hoping to take things a step further.

      I make extensive used of teamviewer and would live to be able to intermittently log into my edison remotely from, well, anywhere.

      teamviewer makes that easy but is it sane to have vncserver run on startup and then teamviewer too?  My rational behind running vncserver is to have X running.

      While I have installed teamviewer without error when I run it there is no network connectivity.

      So is there a good reason for this? Is there a better way to do what I am trying to do?

      The end game is to use the edison to log solar power generation using a program that is graphical, so it is expecting to be able to run X. Then I want to log in for maintenance every so often.

      I'll use vncserver if I have to but teamviewer would be nicer.