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    OpenCV and USB Camera with Intel Edison





      I have the Arduino Intel Edison board, and I was wondering how a USB Camera was suppose to be connected? It doesn't  power up when plugged into the USB port. In addition, how are the drivers obtained? Lastly, it seems that the openCV python that can be installed to Edison is minimal; it doesn't recognize commands such as cv.waitKey(30). Why is that and how can it be fixed?



      Thank you

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          Hi dylanTachyon,


          I'm not an expert, but here's some feedback FWIW.  You'll want to plug your USB camera into the standard size USB type-A connector (the large one) and ensure that the mechanical switch is switched towards it.  The power provided from the Edison over the USB interface is limited, so depending on how much power the USB camera requires, you may actually need to use a powered USB hub.  Also, the USB camera should support UVC video.


          Regarding the USB camera driver, AlexT_Intel has created a repo that includes uvcvideo.  If you search for that on this forum, you'll find some info on how to install it.  In addition to installing the uvcvideo driver, you will also need to run "modprobe uvcvideo".


          Finally, I think the reason waitKey isn't supported is that there's no windowing support built into the OpenCV provided for the Edison.  The waitKey function is more than just a way to delay briefly - it acts as the message loop for the OpenCV HighGUI windows.  But there's no integrated display on the Edison, so most users won't want to create windows on it in the first place.  You may want to consider whether you actually need that kind of functionality.


          Anyway, hopefully that helps you get started.



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            Awesome! Thank you. Is it possible though to stream video feedback from the Edison to my computer via Wi-Fi or direct connection?

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              Great stuff here. Just curious how this is coming along.



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                Well, I'm still waiting to get the Edison connected to my university Wi-Fi to get all the required packages to rebuild the kernel and all the other necessary installations. Their Wi-Fi is not easy to deal with.