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    Ivy Bridge Celeron G1620 on Sapphire Z77, HD 2500 crashes Win 8.1 on start, black screen, driver




      I really need some help debugging misterious crashes.


      I have 3 machines:

      Mainboard: Sapphire Z77

      CPU: Intel Celeron G1620 with HD graphics

      Win 8.1

      Samsung 840 evo

      4-16 GB DDR3-1600 RAM (kingston lovo 1.35V, )


      I used to run Win 7 64bit and Linux on those machines. All without any trouble.


      Since Sapphire update the Bios in the last year (to support UEFI/Fastboot), I decided to switch to Win 8.1 64 bit.

      I prefer Win 8.1 over Win 7 because it is much cleaner and helps me be more productive for office work.


      Now Win 8.1 installed with some default drivers that made the Start Menu animation look bad, so I looked for a System/Chipset/GPU Driver Update and installed: (30.09.2014)


      That is when my trouble started.

      Using a webbrowser... going to maps.google.com and zooming in and out would freeze my system. (not even reset button worked)

      After a few freezes windows would not start anymore. after loading, it would remain with a black screen.


      I put in a Sapphire/AMD R9 270 to get my screen back and I uninstalled the GPU driver.

      Restarting with IGP worked, but graphics where slow.


      somehow I installed newer drivers that would result in the same crashes.

      switching the SSD to another itentical computer, it would boot into windows. (that is strange!)

      did the drivers physically damage my CPU/IPG/Mobo?


      after a few weeks the new system would not boot into windows anymore aswell

      I used safe mode to uninstall intel GPU drivers and now the system runs (slow as hell) but runs.



      either those two G1620 are broken.... or the drivers are.. (newest ones from Dez14/Jan15 crash aswell)

      or I have an incompatibility with system drivers, or directX etc.




      Any ideas how I can continute to debug? find out what is causing windows to blackscreen while booting?

      Any help apreciated !