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    Question regarding faulty processor


      I've been going through a lengthy troubleshooting process with a computer I've been building and I'm trying to narrow down all possibilities. My issue is that when I go to power up the system, it powers up for about a second and then shuts down. In the short time it is powered, the debug led display shows 00(failure to post). I had already RMA'd my motherboard thinking this was the issue but after receiving a replacement I'm still having the same problem as before.


      Now while it is possible that I've gotten yet another dud mobo, there is one thing that I cannot seem to find an answer on. On the motherboard, the standby LED does not light on when the PSU is flipped on. Can a faulty processor prevent this light from turning on at all? If it can, I think I will be trying to replace the processor next.


      Here's all of the things I've tried to resolve this issue to no avail:


      Attempted to power up with bare minimum component

      Attempted to power up testing the RAM sticks one by one

      Shorted the CMOS battery to clear the BIOS

      Attempted to power up with components outside of the case

      Tested the PSU rails with a multimeter to confirm that the proper voltage was being given

      Hooked up PSU to separate system to confirm it works

      Attempted to power up system with a separate but known to be reliable PSU

      Confirmed that switches were not faulty on case


      Specs are below

      Main Board: MSI Gaming 5

      CPU: Intel 4790k

      Bios Version: N/A

      Video Card: Gigabtye GTX 980

      PSU:Newton R3 FD-PSU-NT3W-1000W  

      Memory: G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 2133 Model F3-2133C11D-16GXL

      SSD/ HDD: Samsung 850


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Hello Awoogawar,


          Here you have some other troubleshooting steps to try:


          1. Even though you have replaced the memory, make sure it is running at the supported speed for the processor (1600MHz).
          2. If possible try another processor on the motherboard.


          It is important to say that some motherboards show a red LED when the processor is not working so that depends on the motherboard design.


          All troubleshooting steps you have done are very good so try the above and if you are still having problems, contact our support center:



          Kevin M

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            I don't think it will be possible for me to get the memory running at the supported speed first hand as I don't have another computer to install it and detune it. However, my understanding is that this shouldn't be an issue for booting up but more so stability issues if I could ever get it to post. I'm also in a location where access to parts is by order online only so at this stage I feel like I've exhausted all my options.


            I do appreciate the answer about the stand by LED but I'm completely perplexed as to why or even how I'd get two motherboards exhibiting the same problem. From most likely to least right now I'd say it's the processor, the mobo (again) or the PSU. The PSU is the wildcard because the rails were giving the correct voltage but unless there's something I'm overlooking I'm not sure how it'd be leading to a 00 code.


            I'll give it a go with the online support later. Otherwise, thanks for the help.

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              You are Welcome!