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    Ubuntu 14.10 on NUC incorrectly detecting monitor size


      Hardware: NUC D54250WYKH, HD Graphics 5000, HDMI connection

      Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 2494HM


      I've just installed Ubuntu 14.10 on a new NUC and it's clear that the monitor is not being detected correctly. The first sign of a problem was that the window is cropped / slightly zoomed so that the Unity menu bars are off the screen. I fixed this by setting the monitor "image Size" to "Just Scan" instead of "Wide". The other noticeable issue is that the definition of images on the screen is not clear.


      When I check the display settings in system settings the monitor size is detected as 7" and not 24". Digging deeper (I checked /var/log/Xorg.0.log) it looks like the EDID settings are not being returned correctly from the device. Plugging in to my 46" Sony TV the resolution is definitely better (not quite perfect) and no issue with the cropping. However the NUC did think that the Sony was a 72" TV.


      My old system (AMD 64, with RADEON graphics card, DVI connection) running 14.10 recognizes the monitor fine.


      I'm wondering if this is an HDMI issue as I've seen elsewhere (https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=171374) or graphics processor / driver. Not sure where to look next.