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    rste uninstall


      Intel, how can RSTe be uninstalled from a system running Windows Server 2012 R2 Core?

      - There is no control panel

      - The installation executable does not have an uninstall option

      - The registry is not updated as with an msi package

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          Which package version did you install? Let me check on the options as we usually use the Command Line Interface (CLI) option instead in a Core environment.

          What is the model of your Server Board?

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            I am using

            I also downgraded to and this version does not offer uninstall options either.

            The documentation associated with these packages does not include instructions to remove the program.  The User Guide only include this line "There is also a mechanism available to uninstall the driver and GUI" but that mechanism does not seem to be published.

            I only want to remove the GUI, not the driver.


            My actual problem is that after an unexpected power lost on the middle of an intensive IO operation, the RAID 10 volume goes into "Verifying and Repairing" operation (expected and unavoidable) and at 32% of the verify the system hangs.  Resource Monitor shows there is no disk activity.  I want to remove the Intel software to see if there is any change on this behavior.



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              Could you provide the steps you followed to install it in the first place? I am not seeing a MSI file to install it and I would like to see if I can find a way to remove it.

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                I downloaded the RSTe_and_AHCI_Drivers_GUI_CIM_CLI_3.8.0.1111_2013.10.03.zip file from your support site and use the executable on the GUI directory.


                There is no MSI package to install the RSTe software.  That is why I made the comment above.  MSI packages usually make registry updates that can be used to uninstall the software, this *exe file does NOT do that.


                Can you provide information on how to uninstall the RSTe software on a Windows Core system?  Just GUI and services, not the driver.



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                  I am still researching on this matter. If needed, you may open a ticket with our Intel® Customer Support team for proper direct follow up.


                  Could you please confirm the model of the system board you are using?

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                    The server is a Lenovo TS440 with one single processor (Intel Xeon CPU E3-1245 v3 @ 3.40 GHz  (8cores)) and Intel(R) C600+/C220+
                    series chipset SATA RAID Controller
                    .  16GB or RAM.  4 500GB SATA HDDs on a RAID 10.


                    Any updates on how to uninstall the Intel RAID management application and services?

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                      I am going to share this information with our support teams that provides more direct support on the application to get feedback from them.


                      Were you able to contact our support team?

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                        I contacted support and I received an answer:



                        This email is regarding the Intel RSTe version you are trying to uninstall in Intel Core Server 2012 R2.


                        After doing some research in the database I found out that there is no way to remove the software since the Programs and Features option is missing in that operating system.


                        What I can recommend is contacting Microsoft* in order to check if they have a way to properly uninstall applications in Windows* Core Sever.

                        It is unacceptable that Intel (a major player on the technology world) offer this kind of half baked solutions.  Core is the Microsoft default installation for Windows Server 2012, the fact that you do not offer a full set of features will keep make customer unhappy.