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    Intel HD 4000 driver keeps crashing system


      hi everyone-

      I have a Dell Inspiron 14z and all of a sudden one day windows update updated the Intel display driver and ever since then I have had trouble with the system freezing. Of course the issues started right after the warranty ran out so I've been stuck trying to troubleshoot this on my own. I did discover that if I use the "standard vga adapter" driver the system is stable. Originally I installed Windows 7 on the system as I heard such terrible things about Windows 8. I tried old drivers most current drivers from Dell and from Intel, system still freezes. Sometimes it freezes right away sometimes it's after a few days, seems to go in waves. I have updated the BIOS to the current one on Dell's website. System Passes all diagnostics, thing doesn't seem to overheat or even get warm....


      Recently I decided to install Windows 8 being that's what came on the machine I thought maybe I then stood a chance with the Intel driver working correctly. Unfortunately, it's been the same case and the system is still freezing. I've done the same thing since installing Windows 8, different driver versions etc.


      Seems like this has been an issue on other systems especially with gamers but what I found never seemed to apply to my system so here I am....Can anyone please help?!?!?