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    IMR access violation on booting BSP 1.0.4


      Hi all,


      I managed to compile BSP 1.0.4 and tried to boot it onto a Galileo Gen 1.


      The process stopped at or right after loading the initrd and reported an 'IMR' access violation.

      I found more details about this here LKML: Bryan O'Donoghue: [PATCH 2/2] platform/x86: Add Intel Galileo platform specific setup

      However I don't really know what to make of it.


      Here's the list of messages I got:

      [Initrd, addr=0xd7d1000, size=0x19cefa]

      Loading PEIM at 0x0008002DAB4 EntryPoint=0x0008002DBA4 /jenkins_builder/workspace/GLLO_BSP101.efi

      Platform Info: Platform Data Mrc Vars found: length 39 version = 1

      Platform Info: Type = 6

      Install PPI: 1E2ACC41-E26A-483D-AFC7-A056C34E087B

      Loading PEIM at 0x00080012864 EntryPoint=0x00080012954 /jenkins_builder/workspace/GLLO_BSP101.efi

      Install PPI: 2AB86EF5-ECB5-4134-B556-3854CA1FE1B4

      Loading PEIM at 0x00080013EB4 EntryPoint=0x00080013FA4 /jenkins_builder/workspace/GLLO_BSP101.efi

      Install PPI: C153205A-E898-4C24-8689-A4B4BCC5C8A2

      Register PPI Notify: 7408D748-FC8C-4EE6-9288-C4BEC092A410

      Loading PEIM at 0x000800172CC EntryPoint=0x000800173BC /jenkins_builder/workspace/GLLO_BSP101.efi

      Install PPI: 3ACF33EE-D892-40F4-A2FC-3854D2E1323D

      Loading PEIM at 0x0008001A69C EntryPoint=0x0008001A78C /jenkins_builder/workspace/GLLO_BSP101.efi

      Install PPI: 21FF1FEE-D33A-4FCE-A65E-955EA3C41F40

      Loading PEIM at 0x00080021A0C EntryPoint=0x00080021AFC /jenkins_builder/workspace/GLLO_BSP101.efi

      Install PPI: 61C68702-4D7E-4F43-8DEF-A74305CE74C5

      Loading PEIM at 0x000800227E0 EntryPoint=0x000800228D0 /jenkins_builder/workspace/GLLO_BSP101.efi

      Register PPI Notify: 49EDB1C1-BF21-4761-BB12-EB0031AABB39

      EarlyPlatformInit for PlatType=0x06


      Reset due to access violation: 'IMR' . . .

      Press any key to continue.

      The BSP was built on Debian 8.0 with 'bitbake image-full-galileo'.

      I had to fix some compilation errors while baking the image, but no problems with the kernel or the initrd.


      In the end I resorted to using the kernel and initrd from the SD card image provided in the downloads area, which is fine, because I'm not foreseeing kernel development.

      However - I would like to know what the cause of this error is and how it could be fixed - maybe it's a firmware issue?


      Thanks and regards,



      PS: I've found this thread Linux hanging at Initrd (BSP 1.0) which looks like the same problem, but no solution.