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    NUC DN2820FYK not turning on - power led just blinks ever 5 seconds


      I have been using my NUC as a media centre now for a  few weeks without issue.

      But two days ago it didn't start up when powered on.  Instead the power led just blinked once every 5 seconds.

      After a few attempts I ended up just leaving it for a while and a few hours later it was running without any interaction on my part.

      Yesterday I had to reboot it again - but this time it won't come back even after waiting overnight.

      There is nothing coming up on the external display (tried three different HDMI cables, and three different display devices)

      No sound, just the power led blinking every five seconds.

      I've tried re-seating the memory but no difference. Even having no memory at all in the device makes no difference to the blink pattern.

      I tried the recovery bios update method (removing jumper pin etc) but still nothing - no bios update happens, nothing on display, same blinking pattern.

      I can see that when the power led turns on (for about .5 seconds) the cooling fan kicks in - but when the led turns off the fan is also turned off.


      Any idea what I can do about this?  The box worked fine for a few weeks until this failure occurred.