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    D54250WYK Firefox fullscreen mode rendering issue over RDP


      I've been experiencing this issue with Firefox for a while now on the NUC:


      I connect to the NUC over Windows RDP.  When I run Firefox in full screen mode (File > View > Full Screen or press F11), and then minimize and restore the RDP window, the Firefox tab bar is always filled with graphics glitches (http://imgur.com/a/SBCm3).



      Moving the mouse cursor over the tabs and buttons would cause it to render properly.  Minimizing and restoring firefox in the RDP session would also fix it.  Minimizing and restoring the RDP session would again fuzz up the tab bar.



      • I have Hide Toolbars disabled.
      • Changing the Firefox option to use hardware acceleration or not does not matter.
      • Latest Intel drivers and bios installed including headless fix one.  I've been installing all the Intel drivers over the year and there's been no change.
      • All Windows 8.1 updates installed.
      • Firefox has been updated over the year and also no change in behavior.
      • Firefox as a maximized window (where Windows taskbar is visible) does not exhibit the rendering issue.


      Since I haven't experienced this issue on a different computer which does not run Intel graphics, my guess is it's with the Intel drivers given the other issues Intel drivers have had.  Does anyone else experience this issue?