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    Frequent pauses with Ubilinux




      I've been attempting to discover why my Edison systems with Ubilinux have frequent pauses where they are unresponsive for 1-2 seconds. Using them in a connected environment where they're getting sensor information means that there are periods where the systems miss two or more consecutive polls. As you can imagine, this creates a bit of a problem because an event will get completely missed.


      I began to notice this when I was editing a file with nano. I switched to vim, thinking it was a nano-related problem, but to now avail - the pauses kept interrupting the editing session. Even at the command line the pauses are quite noticeable.


      All of these systems have Bluetooth enabled so I'm not sure if this is tied to Bluetooth specifically or Ubilinux. Tomorrow I'm going to reflash one of the Edison boards with Ubilinux to compare, but if anyone has insight as to why this might be occurring, I'd be grateful to learn why or at least where to start looking.


      Thanks all,




      p.s. If we can validate the cause/effect on this I'll add it to the How-To that I've been updating.

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          apologies, this will be unhelpful but I'll add anyway:


          over the last couple weeks, I've been getting random inconsistent performance from 1 mini but not the other. it's not the machine itself, it's definitely the radio. well, assuming/guessing. they are in opposite ends of the building.


          the environment in this location is simply getting too noisy? I had to stop developing a bluetooth project on a BBB because its usb-radio was killing off wifi.


          the local printer wifi was unrepentantly-strong and also needed to be turned down.


          actually it gets quite weird. IT ALWAYS GETS WEIRD!


          - edison1 is off alone by itself.

          - edison2 is directly next to the BBB, the laser-printer, edison3, and a lot of other stuff.

          - the printer-wifi and the BBB-bluetooth only ever made edison1 unhappy. edison 2 & now 3? - zero problem.

          - edison1 BT actually also seemed to be causing problems with itself own wifi.


          so, I dnno, my case may simply be bad luck, someone's failing klystron dumping garbage into microwave-spectrum?


          it's been a long time since I left yocto, but - ubilinux kernel is still using the same objects, so it seems unlikely to be a software issue...?

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            Thanks for the response. I've been travelling, so not much time to jump on here the last few days.


            I was also thinking the same thing (possible RF issues). We do a lot of 900mHz, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth  & BT Low Energy integration and testing and I'm looking through our separate test documentation and logs to see if the intermittent pause problem started _after_ BT activation and/or the installation of the BT support packages.


            Since we image all of our production and test systems, we also have images of pre-BT integration on the Edison systems. I'll roll back a few boards to determine if that's the issue at hand.


            I'll follow up on this thread with the results. Thanks again,