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    Intel 4400 Graphics Dual Monitor Screen Flicker


      For the past two months since I got my laptop, I have been experiencing random screen flickering accompanied by the message "Display driver Intel Graphics Accelerator Drivers for Windows 8.1(R) stopped responding and has successfully recovered."  I haven't managed to find a pattern to its crashes.  I can be playing a game, watching a video, or writing an email and the screens (laptop with external monitor) will randomly flicker and sometimes display the message after an additional prolonged blackout.  None of the BIOS or driver updates seem to be applicable to this issue.  System information is as follows.  Any help is greatly appreciated.


      Computer: Acer V3-572G-54S6

      OS: Win 8.1 64 bit

      Intel Graphics: Intel 4400 Driver Version

      CPU: Intel i5-4210U 1.70 GHz

      GPU: Nvidia GeForce 840M Driver Version 332.35 2 GB VRAM

      HDD: 1 TB 5400 RPM

      RAM: 8 GB

      Secondary Monitor: Dell E228WFP

      BIOS: V1.11 (8/20/2014)


      I haven't overclocked anything or changed any graphics properties other than setting the GeForce as the global default (the Intel is still in charge of the secondary monitor for some reason).  My computer is still under warranty, so I'd like to make sure this isn't a motherboard/CPU/Intel GPU issue soon.