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    Some OpenGL applications don't behave well when Aero is disabled or enabled while they are running - 3rd generation Intel Core processor with Intel HD Graphics 2500/4000


      Issue reproducing and consequences are described in this video: https://www.youtube.com/embed/KEUQX7TjqWo

      In the video I used FFSplit to turn off Aero, but the means used to turn Aero on or off are irrelevant for issue reproducing.

      The affected application analyzed in the video is PPSSPP, an open-source Sony PSP emulator. There may be others.

      PPSSPP source code: https://github.com/hrydgard/ppsspp/

      Automatic builds from Git: http://buildbot.orphis.net/ppsspp/

      Building PPSSPP from source is extremely easy, it only requires Visual Studio 2013 as build environment.

      Issue report on PPSSPP bug tracker: https://github.com/hrydgard/ppsspp/issues/7057

      Back then I was using driver version, but the latest driver is still affected.