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    dq77kb bios issues


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      I wanted new firmware, because the HDMI & Display Port outputs were flaky, sometimes it will NOT display but I knew the system was on. In fact using kvm function of Intel ME, I have video, but board would not display on HDMI nor Display Port. I've tried two different monitors, booting sometimes with no video. After flashing bios from KB0038.BIO to KB0056P.BIO, system became unresponsive. I got an error message, my CPU is no longer supported, its i5-3570, its been working fine for 6months.

      Switched to another CPU i5-2400s (this one is supported on intel's website. When booting up I see no video, HDMI out and no function on keyboard, there are 3 beeps followed by short pause. This would indicate memory error. The same memory module which worked on old bios now gives the beep errors.  I have also tried 2 other different modules which all works from a different system and same results. Attempted to flash bios back to original bios: KB0038.BIO, and nothing happens. During boot, bios jumper was removed, battery removed, removed all other accessories and system does not go into bios recovery. I just get the same 3 beeps follow by a pause. I have tried DVD bios recovered and usb thumb drive, neither works. I left the battery out with no bios jumper overnight, still same issue. I've exhausted all options. Attempted to look up warranty information on your website results in motherboard not found. Serial #:BTKB2120000D, stock Id # AAG40294-300. I am at a lost.


      It seem like the technicians at Intel have sabotage good working systems owned by customers. You have created codes that would render systems in the field unusable? Was this deliberately done for profit? Many people have this problem, not only with this board, but others! You created a system which was compatible with multiple other parts. Then you limit that compatible on future upgrade firmwares? It doesn't take a genius to figure, this is going backwards.


      If I've known this would render so much more problems, I wouldn't have upgraded bios. I wouldn't have gotten an Intel board. This is my last Intel board for sure, but I still need to fix it. I've have other boards "Asus, Gigabyte, Foxconn. For the $ I paided for this dq77kb, they don't give this much problem.


      Please help me.