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    Hi Recently I have a message coming up relating to a Hard Disk Error. Disk Name : Toshiba MK5065GSX, Volume:C:\;D:\


      I followed the instructions and it showed 100% Memory Tested OK. Primary Hard Disk Self Test, passed 100%. Windows detected a hard disk problem relating to Intel Hard Disk not running. The little IAStoricon in the tray was not switching from ! to tick I double clicked this and reset manually in the 'Manage' section. This told me the hard disk was functioning properly, but I have to go through this procedure every time I switch on. I was hoping to get some assistance from a technician on the site but I couldn't find how? I am not a computer person and even though I am 69 yrs old I have a pretty good knowledge of my way around. Can anybody help me,or do I need to go to a repair shop? Thanks in anticipation!